January 12, 2007


Having alluded to Japanese noise-rock legends The Boredoms in my last post, I can perhaps claim a modicum of cohesion for a blog that is not likely to adhere to any particular theme or style. At any rate, the propulsive 23-minute track "Seadrum" from the Boredoms' 2004 album Seadrum/House of Sun (their first since Vision Creation Newsun at the turn of the millennium) merits a post in its own right. I had the extremely good fortune of seeing the band live in Columbus, Ohio in June. "77" - an installation featuring as many drum kits - is scheduled for July 7, 2007 (7/7/07) in New York City. The longevity of this band, who have been active for over twenty years, attests to the tremendous energy that characterizes all of their output.

[Download link removed at the behest of Vice Records.]

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Anonymous said...

Hi - I'm Adam Shore from VICE Records, we released this album. We're grateful for the coverage but need to ask you take down the download as that's half of the record-- more than just a sample. On Monday I'd be happy to provide you with a edit of that track that you can post for download.

Please let me know this is OK. My email address is adam@vice-recordings.com